AP09259195 Creation and preclinical testing of a new domestic therapeutic probiotic agent against human intestinal infections
Publication date: 09.09.2021 13:25
AR09259195 "Creation and preclinical testing of a new domestic therapeutic probiotic against human intestinal infections" Project manager – Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Gavrilova N.N.

Keywords: lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria, probiotics, antagonism, intestinal infections, antibiotic resistance, bacterial associations.

The objects of research are lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria, associations, test cultures.

The aim of the study is to select active strains of probiotic bacteria and their associations with a wide range of biological activity and antibiotic resistance to create a new domestic medicinal probiotic agent against human intestinal infections.

Methods of work – microbiological and biochemical methods.

Relevance of research:
Acute intestinal infections (AKI) are one of the urgent health problems of all countries, including Kazakhstan. Thus, in Kazakhstan, among the registered infectious diseases in January-December 2019, OKI was in second place after acute respiratory tract infections - 22997 cases. The ubiquity, high frequency of development of moderate and severe forms, complications, determine the need to find ways to optimize the tactics of treatment of this group of diseases. The most common cause of intestinal infections are pathogens such as colibacteria, salmonella, and under certain conditions Enterobacter, Citrobacter, Klebsiella, proteus, yeast-like fungi, agents of viral nature. There are frequent cases of various inflammatory and septic processes caused by pathogenic cocci, including Staphilococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Pneumococcus (Diplococcus) pneumoniae, etc.

The complexity of the treatment of infectious diseases is associated with the massive irrational use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs, which led to the development of multidrug resistance of pathogens. The modern strategy of OKA therapy gives priority to therapeutic measures aimed at correcting intestinal microbiocenosis in order to eliminate the focus of chronic infection localized in the intestine.
In this regard, recently in the world for the treatment of intestinal and urogenital infections, probiotics based on microorganisms - symbionts of the gastrointestinal tract are increasingly recommended instead of antibiotics. The greatest use is found in lactic acid and bifidobacteria, the pathogenic potential of which experts in this field consider to be low enough for oral use in conventional dosages. These drugs quickly suppress pathogenic microflora, activate the body's immune system.
Currently, many probiotic drugs based on living microorganisms have appeared on the market. Kazakhstan does not produce medicinal probiotic drugs, but uses imported ones.

In connection with the above, research on improving the effectiveness of probiotic drugs, expanding their spectrum of action due to the correctly selected microbial composition and optimal technology of their production are relevant in the fight against OCI.
The practical and scientific significance of the study lies in the creation of a fundamentally new medicinal probiotic agent of directed action, which includes active strains of lactic acid and propionic acid bacteria with a wide range of biological activity and resistance to the antibiotics used. The use of the new drug will be an important effective method of preventing and treating intestinal and concomitant infections and reducing the cost of treating the population.

Expected results: - for 2021: Active strains of probiotic bacteria with a wide range of biological activity and resistance to antibiotics will be selected to create a targeted drug probiotic;
The planned tasks of the research work on the project were completed in full and in accordance with the work schedule approved for 2021.

- for 2022: The technology of production of two dosage forms of probiotic (dry and liquid) will be developed. Preclinical trials of the drug to determine its toxicity will be initiated;
- for 2023: preclinical trials of the drug on laboratory animals will be continued. Scientific and technical documentation will be compiled. A technological instruction for the production of probiotics will be compiled. A temporary pharmacopoeia article and recommendations on the implementation of research results will be compiled.

According to the research results, for the entire period of the project, at least 3 articles will be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded of the Web of Science database and (or) having a CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database of at least 35, as well as 1 article in a peer-reviewed foreign or domestic publication (recommended by COXON). An application for a patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be submitted. Will take part in a scientific conference.

Patentability: the results of research are patentable. (An application for a patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be filed).
The project executors have a reserve in the form of new strains of lactic acid bacteria isolated from the intestines of healthy people with high antagonistic activity against pathogens of intestinal, hospital infections, as well as tuberculosis and brucellosis. There is experience in the development and organization of production of probiotics against mixed intestinal infection of young farm animals and poultry.

Composition of the research group
Published article: Gavrilova N.N., Ratnikova I.A., Orazymbet S.E., Alimbetova A.V., Kaptagai R.Zh., Kosheleva L.A., Belikova O.A. Selection of active strains of probiotic bacteria with a wide range of biological activity and resistance to antibiotics // International. journal. prikl. and fund. research. – M.: Academy of Natural Sciences, 2021. – No. 7. – pp. 12-16.
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